2020 certainly brought with it many challenges, surprises and changes but not everything was negative. Through adversity we were made to adapt and positives were found, and telehealth was one of these positives.

Telehealth has proven to be equally effective as face to face treatment. Seeking support through telehealth means people do not have to upend their day to attend, appointments can be arranged in break times while at work, or in the comfort of homes. It is the safest method of true communication that we have in uncertain times.

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We use Coviu for our video conference. Coviu is Australia’s leading video telehealth solution – there are no downloads, installations or account creation required. Patients just click a link and connect!

Coviu provides, feature-rich video consultations for healthcare professionals.

Most importantly you can be assured that it is HIPAA compliant with end-to-end encryption, for optimal security.

Coviu works on any device (computer, tablet, or phone) on all major browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, & Microsoft Edge).

Coviu is a proudly Australian company founded within CSIRO in 2016 by Australia’s top computer scientists & engineers.

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